Hey Italo!I was talking to Patricia yesterday and it reminded me that I had a question for you about the Ottawa river. We bought a cottage there a couple years ago now . There was major flooding that missed our floors (we were lucky) but the water was up 3-4 feet and more in a lot of the area in Quyon Qc and down the river . I was wondering since it was in May if it’s safe to eat the walleye that we catch . If not yet. When is good after a major flood. You can tell the river and all of the surrounding area are affected from bad flood water. They don’t talk about it in the area and people haven’t been out much yet fishing. So I’m sorta wondering if we shouldn’t maybe fish even.That was a loaded question.Thank you for any advice I’m advance !All the best!Loretta

Posted on November 13th, 2017

Hi Loretta, nice to hear from you. Hope you have had a chance to meet Bailey.  There was high water throughout southern Ontario this past spring and early summer and many areas experienced flooded shorelines. Glad to hear your cottage was safe. It should be fine to eat any fish that you catch in that part of the Ottawa River. The only time people should take caution in eating fish is when they are caught from areas where there is heavy industry (like Hamilton harbour), or near human waste management lagoons that might get flooded during floods with untreated sewage entering the waters. The river would have been filled with natural nutrients from the surrounding shorelines which is actually good for the ecosystem in the river. Enjoy catching and eating the fish you catch there….God bless you.

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