Hey ItaloI just bought a new hummingbird piranahmax fish finder for my kayak. I want to mount the transducer on the flat inside bottom of my kayak however i dont know how to attach it in place. I have read to use apoxy or resin however i dont want to as it will be permanent and i cant ever change or move it. I was thinking to use silicone, as i have heard people have good success with it, and it can be peeled away without damaging the kayak or transducer. Do you recommend silicone or anything else that can be peeled/ cut off if needed to be moved?

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

Hi Jack, I suggest you purchase an Scotty arm ( https://scotty.com/product/no-141-kayak-sup-transducer-arm-mount-w-gear-head-adapter-3/ ), where you can hang the transducer off the side and lift it out of the water on-demand. I use this system and it works great. You may also want to look at the additional Scotty kayak accessories they offer…God bless you.

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