Hey ItaloI have a question about large mouth bass fishing up north. It seems the more north i go in ontario alot of the lakes have less shoreline structure and alot less vegitation and mats than the areas im used to fishing for largemouth( rice, scugog and cooks bay). Where exactly should i be looking for the largemouth when this is the case? Are they just out cruising in deep open water? When i go out deep, i end up catching smallmouth mostly. I do have a fishfinder on my boat. An example would be north in the kawarthas or bass lake north of orillia. Alot of the docks are shallow and sandy with no weeds, then it drops off. Almost no vegitation or grass/ mats. Thank you for your anwser, it helps alot.

Posted on July 18th, 2020

Hi James, Largemouth will either relate to weeds or shorelines. If there are largemouth in a lake with few weeds you’ll find them in the shallows around structure and any trees, stumps. If you locate weedbeds anywhere in a largemouth bass lake where the weeds are off-shore i. shallows you will find largemouth bass. They will be in 2-12’ water.

Those types of lakes are best fished with slow moving soft-plastics and especially “wacky-work” rigs.

Fish with a Passion. God bless you,


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