Hey ItaloI have a question about carp fishing. My local spot is shallow, muddy and very weedy. When i go out on my paddleboard i see loads of carp everywhere in groups especially near the dense weeds. However when i fish for them from shore i cant get any bites. Even other people with more fancy carp setups very rarely get any to bite and have talked about how strange it is, considering the numbers of them swimming arround. Can you suggest any rigs to target them? I have tried hair rigs and bobber rigs. However my suspicion is that its so weedy and muddy that the bottom rig just sinks in and the carp cant find it. What do you recommend i do?

Posted on June 9th, 2020

Hi Alex, it’s about location. The carp you are seeing are cruising but necessarily feeding in those areas otherwise you would be catching them. I suggest you fish ares for them that has a harder bottom in pockets away from the area where you see them cruising over weeds. Carp for the most part are not too fussy when they are feeding especially if you use corn or prepared carp baits either on the bottom or under a float. Before you fish a new area is also helps to “mat” the bottom with some ground bait to bring them in and keep them there fore a while…God bless you.

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