Hey Italo, you have given me many tips and I thank you, but here is a little tip for you lol Walleyes can be caught on canned corn :) I think it is not the best bait for this species but yea I caught one on it while hoping for trout lol Anyways, do you think steelhead and browns are back to lake Erie or are they around in Grand river and tributaries north of Brantford Paris? Have a good day!

Posted on September 18th, 2017

Hi Dako,  thanks for the tip. I think it’s the yellow color and sweet flavor. Walleye are attracted to yellow and chartreuse jigs and plastic grubs, crankbaits and spinners/worm harnesses so it’s no surprise you hooked one using canned, sweet corn. I have seen walleye caught on yellow roe bags while fishing for steelhead. Other fish species like carp, suckers, catfish and even pike and panfish have all been caught on corn. Unfortunately for the fish, only carp can digest it. Many people use corn to fish for rainbow trout, especially in stocked ponds but they don’t know that the trout cannot digest it. Sometimes the corn they do digest can really be harmful to them (like us swallowing ping pong balls….tough when they have to come out the other end!). With regards to the trout running up the Grand River, with the last few weeks of really warm weather the water temperatures are still in the 70F range, too warm to really draw big runs of migratory trout & steelhead. As soon as we get colder nights, heavy cold rains and the water temperature drops the fish should be running well in all southern Ontario Great Lakes tributaries.

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