Hey Italo, Ryan H. from the scugog question one last time, thanks for the advice, that makes sense, the lack of oxygen. For the future on new lakes, can you give me any tips on how to choose which shallow weed mat is likley to be holding fish for flipping/ frogging?Is there anything to look for or specific indicators you seek out?What are signs that ge oxygen is high in an area?As it seems lots of these lakes have miles of mats that would take weeks to fish from a kayakMy final question, thankyou so much for the help.

Posted on July 16th, 2019

Hi Ryan, the best locations to catch largemouth bass using flipping/pitching/forging pretensions are areas where there is not an overwhelming amount of cover to fish. I prefer to flip an isolated dock that does not have other docks around or a smaller area of lily pads vs acres of lily pads. The same applies for slop or thick weeds that grow to the surface. Working smaller areas to me are more efficient since you have the highest change of intercepting a bass holding under cover. With regards to oxygen levels. Shallow areas that have a lot of “detritus” (decomposing matter on the bottom), or dying aquatic vegetation use up oxygen and fish tend to move out. Bays and shallow areas that have a firmer mud, sand, rock/sand bottom with bright green vegetation will produce oxygen which attracts fish.

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