Hey Italo. Planning on doing some pickeral fishing from shore at the queenston boat launch. Any suggestions on lures or rigs to use would be greatly appreciated. Ive met you there before while fishing for trout. We took a picture together and shared some stories. You are always so polite and easy to approach. Your info has helped me to land a lot more fish. Thanks Al

Posted on July 30th, 2014

Hi Al….Nice to have met you and thank you very much for your kind words. Targetting walleye in the lower Niagara can be tough since it’s hard to get at walleye that are laying in the 15-22′ depths with the strong currents. Most serious guys that target walleye there from shore there cast deep-diving crankbatis at night. You can use a pickerel-rig with a 1-2 oz. bell sinker and fish either minnows, leeches or worms for the walleye. Because there are other species of fish such as sheepshead, small mouth bass, gobies, etc., sometimes it’s thought to get your bait in front of a walleye before the other fish take it. ….God bless you, Italo

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