Hey Italo, On my local river witch is shallow and clear I see tons of Steelhead sitting in the shallow and I cant get not one of them to bite and I have tried everything, what can I use or do to get these fish to bite?

Posted on March 24th, 2016

If they are in shallow water they can probably see you and they are spooked. Best to look for deeper pools where you can’t see the fish (so they can’t see you too), that will take a bait or lure much easier.


For those shallow water fish use a small hook, the lightest weight, either a small garden worm, a small roe bag, a small fly, or an acrylic bead so that it looks as natural as possible to the fish. Before you go up to them,  try sneaking up to them from up-stream and not getting too close, even on your hands and knees to get close enough to cast so not to spook them. Also, try being there just as it’s getting light and make your cast up-stream and let your bait/lure drift down-stream naturally to them.  If you do that I have a feeling you can get some to strike!

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