Hey Italo love your show and Im wondering if you can give me smallmouth bass and walleye tips for Kenogamissi Lake Highway 144. I have been walleye fishing for a while but it seems my spots are not working anymore! Let me know!

Posted on June 19th, 2012

Hi Jcob…Thank you for your kind words. If the walleye are not in the same spots you will have to find where they have moved to. I have found this season from fishing several northern lakes for walleye that they have been deeper than last year at this time and holding on very specific structure breaks between 20-25′ of water, so you may want to fish deeper on structure. Regarding the smallmouth bass, they will already be scatered throughout a lake from cruising shorelines to cruising around open water structure like shoals, reefs, submerged points, etc. The key to finding them is fishing a lot of bass-looking water. Good news is that when you do find them, they will be there in some quantity until they move to another location. Twistching the Rapala Huskyt Jerk #12 & X-Rap #10 are good lures to locate them….God bless you, Italo

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