Hey Italo, just wondering how you set up your Bay of Quinte trolling setup, and how you rig your planet boards. I can’t quite figure out how to rig them so they “pop” when a fish hits. And when removing the board, how do you keep slack from forming in the line?

Posted on May 5th, 2019

Hi David, when I’m running in-line planers for walleye anywhere I usually secure them so that when I hook a fish the planer says on.  The boards are rigged with flags that stand up under no load, but fold down when a walleye is on. You can do this by beefing-up the releases to adjustable ones that you can tighten right down, or if you use weaker releases, clip your line on and than make a wrap around the release to secure it.  When a fish is on we reel in slow and when we get to the in-line planer we carefully remove the board and fight the fish to the boat. Walleye are pretty good as staying calm during the “in-line planer” detachment so if you keep trolling while removing the board you should not have any slack like. I don’t think we have ever lost a fish running the boards like that..

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