Hey Italo! I will be staying at a lodge on the French River near Wolseley Bay (specifically Pine Cove Lodge) at the end of September. I’ve hired a guide to take my dad and I out for one day but I foolishly booked that for the LAST day of the trip. Which means I will have three days to try and figure out the fishing on my own! I would appreciate any tips you can offer for finding the walleye and smallmouth patterns at that time of year. I would be out in my canoe so the amount of water I can cover is limited. Thanks and all the best!

Posted on August 24th, 2023

Hi Alex, I have not fished that section of the French River but I know that in the section you will be staying at there is good structure along the shorelines and in Sept. the Smallmouth Bass should be in the 5-10′ depth of the shoreline structure. I would suggest that if you have good weather you try casting top-water lures like the Rapala X-Rap Pop and work it on the surface and also cast #4 Vibrax spinners and fish 1/8 & 1/4oz jigheads with 3″ paddle-tail minnows like the Mr. Twister Sassy Shad in pearl/black back. I have a feeling for the walleye you will do better trolling a worm harness on a 1oz bottom walking weight and a nightcrawler right along the bottom. Hope you have good weather and an excellent trip…God bless you.

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