Hey Italo I was wondering if you could direct me to a good brook trout fishing spot within Ontario. I would like to take my dad on a fishing trip for a few days as he has taught me all I know about hunting and fishing and Id really like to repay him by taking him on a good brook trout trip. My dad is getting up there in age and doesnt like to fly so if we could drive there it would be a bonus.We live in southern Ontario. I grew up fishing small streams in southern Ontario with my dad but as of lately we havent been going for brookies but I know how much he loves this species. I remember as a kid he would take me for brookies and we would fish for hours only to catch pan size fish. Even though the fish were not big I cherish those memories with him. Wed fish hard all morning and break for lunch soppressate cheese and fresh bread LOL and then attack the water again. His passion for teaching me about fishing and hunting and never stopped and now he is passing it on to his grandkids. There isnt a better man on the planet than my dad and the joy it would bring him to catch a 34 or 5 pound speck would make me feel that I have done something that he will always remember and cherish. Trust me he deserves it.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Al…It sounds like you really look up to your Dad & rightly so. Unfortunately there are no very good spots where you can catch descent size brook trout within Ontario without having to go cross-country with ATV’s or amphibious vehicle, or flying into a lake. The only area I can recommend to meet your requests is going to Folyett, ON, staying at Ivanhoe Lodge and having Joel (the owners son), drive you to one of his “secret”, natural brook trout lakes where you can catch brook trout from 12-20″ long. You can contact them by going to their website…..God bless you….Italo

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