Hey Italo, I want to get out on bay of quinte but I am not sure were I can rent a hut for the whole weekend. And what should I bring to get some walleye on the ice. Thanks

Posted on February 4th, 2018

Hi Nikola, whenever I ice fish the Bay of Quite I have a portable hut and move around until I find the fish. Here are a few ice hut rentals you can contact:

http://www.quintefishing.com/baycrest/baycrest.htm , on Big Island. I know they have accomoation and hut rental packages. You would have to call them to see how much just the hut rental would be.

– http://sunsetcabins.ca/ice-fishing.html

– http://www.fishfindercharters.com/ice_fishing.htm

– Merland Park Cottages, Picton, ON 613-476-6894

-Pete: (613)847-3384

– Kirk: (613)876-2666

– http://icefishing.notjustfishing.com/bayofquinteoperators.shtml

Best ice fishing outfits are medium action rods loaded with 10-20 lb. test braided line with a fluorocarbon leader and snap-swivel used with a 1/4 to 1/2 oz vertical jigging spoon or a Jigging Rapala tipped with a minnow. Most people jig for the walleye and have several holes cut in an area and move from one to the other until they start catching fish.

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