Hey Italo, I recently bought my first centerpin setup and I was wondering what you would normally spool a centerpin with. Most of my friends use backing before their mainline however I notice some folks on the river just spool their reels with only mono. Any recommendations?

Posted on October 12th, 2017

Hi Cohen, congratulations on your getting your first centerpin outfit. Good question. Most centerpin reels have a large line capacity spool when you consider the diameter and the depth of the spool. That line-capacity is excellent for big river anglers like the Niagara in the Great Lakes and especially the large coastal rivers where anglers can tangle with huge salmon (upwards of 70 lb.), and very large steelhead drift-fishing from a boat or from shore. In some cases those big fish use the strong, deep current to run lot’s of line out.

Most of our Ontario tributaries are smaller and we seldom use more than 200′ of line, even when we hook a Chinook on a centerpin outfit.  You can use old line, or you can purchase a spool of the old “dacron” line to build up your spool. The old black dacron has a big diameter and you won’t have to use as much, and it won’t  be as heavy as filling the bottom of the spool with monofilament.  Than top it off with an 8lb. test “neutral buoyancy” or “floating” monofilament like Sufix Seige. If you top it off with 100 yds it’s more than enough for steelhead and browns. Make sure not to over-fill the spool. A good rule is to only fill to 1/8″ from the rim of the spool. When you make your connection between the old line and new line make sure to use a tight Blood Knot and trip the tags tight to the knot so there is no interference when you go to cast.

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