Hey Italo, I just wanted to thank you for the tips. I didn’t have much success with blue fox spinners before but I picked up from you a few days ago that you use a fast retrieve for trout in streams. I caught a few nice ones ;) #1 copper Will try some bigger ones too. Do you think #3 is too big?

Posted on May 14th, 2017

Glad you landed some fish on the Vibrax spinners. Copper in the #1 size works well under all conditions for smaller trout. The size of the spinner (or any lure yo are fishing), should be relative to the size of the trout you are targeting. For example a #1 spinner is ideal for smaller trout in the 4-14″ length. If you are targeting larger trout the larger #2 or #3 size will work well. I use the #2 & #3 size for trout that are 2lb+. Also in case you did not know, Vibrax spinners come with different blade configurations. The standard Colorado bade is good for all-round fishing. The Vibrax shows in the featured image have longer blades similar to a Panther Martin spinner and  no “clevise” (that’s the device that normally is used to attach the blade to the shaft of the spinner. A clevise always keeps the spinner spinning when retrieved fast enough. With the features spinner blade, the shaft of the spinner goes through the blade. This makes it’s “unstable” as it spins producing more pulses as it spins. That configuration works extremely well for trout…God bless you.

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