hey italo I am looking to buy a used fishing boat out of the states. I cant get a straight answer out of any body in alberta about the differance betwween a bass boat or a aluminium deep v boat. if you could i would like to know is there a reason why most anglers in alberta or canada have the aluminium boats in stead of bass boats.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Graham…Bass boats are designed for performance (running at 50-80% throttle to get from one spot to another), when you are not running from one spot to another, they are designed to be very “low-profile” on the water (usually less than 24″ of free-board), which makes them very wind resistant and gives the operator higher boat control when working the electric trolling motor at low speeds to facilitate “target-casting” primarily for bass. So, they are not designed for trolling (unless you add a smaller kicker-motor), and they are not designed to fish big waters (high waves/low free-board). Aluminum boats on the other hand are usually “deep-V”, they have a high-free board, many of them are equipped with intermediate size motors which are ideal for both running at high speed and for trolling. Aluminum boats usually sit higher in the water so they are effected more by wind, but they also have a deeper “V” which makes them save for big-water fishing (like trolling large lakes with downriggers or other gear, even in high waves)…God bless you, Italo

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