hey Im down in Southern Ontario by welland and would like to now any good spots for carp and what would be the best time to catch them. What rig do you think would work best at this time of year Thanks

Posted on October 18th, 2008

Hi Joe…Best time to fish carp is in the summer time when the water is warm and there is lot\’s of aquatic vegetation near the shorelines for the carp to feed on. As the water gets colder, most warm water fish, including carp become more “lethargic” (move slower), until they literally go into hibernation for the winter months. You can still have good carp fishing on the Niagara Peninsula by fishing the following locations; Charles Daley Park, St. Catharine\’s, Welland River (between Welland & Port Robinson, ON, Gravely Bay (Port Colborne, ON), & the marina basin on the Upper Niagara River. Fishing a sliding-sinker rig with a 2\’ leader and #4 bait-hook and 4-6 sweet kernels of corn will work well……God bless you, Italo

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