Hey again Italo, I had asked about spring fishing in Thornbury and you thought that area might be crowded. Can you recommend a spot my family might have some luck from shore, in the Owen Sound area. If my boys could catch a trout it would be a big deal. Thank you and God bless.

Posted on March 11th, 2020

Hi Mark, I normally don’t fish after the regular season opens but I have done well fishing the smaller rivers that flow into the larger rivers that flow into Georgian Bay. The Pine River is one of my favorite that flows into the Nottowasaga River. You would have to do some research prior to opening by scouting it out, finding public access, or asking for permission from land owners to fish on their property. Walking the river prior to opening day to just look at pools and actually spot fish will help you evaluate where you want to fish. And I would suggest that being on the spot just as the sun is rising is your best bet of hooking-up…God bless you.

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