hello, whould you still fish the weedlines even though they have all gone brown in colour,we couldnt find any green weeds,they all seemed to be dead in the picton bay and glenora area.i am still searching for that 10 pound walleye,thanks and God bless

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Mike…Yes, the walleye there are still realting to the weedlines. I have had my best success this fall fishing right in front of the boat-launch in Glenora and working the weedline that goes around the island and east towards the ferry-crossing. I have had my most consistent action fishing weedlines that meet the 40\’ contour break. Next time you are down check out your hydrographic chart and see which weedlines meet 40\’, there are not that many. The other thing you can try is trolling for large suspended walleye in open-water. I have had my best luck trolling right in the middle of the Bay starting at the Glenora Boat Launch and travelling east towards Lake Ontario. Try a 200\’ lead with a Rapala Tail Dancer #11, I have a feeling you\’ll get your 10 lb. walleye…God bless you too, Italo

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