Hello my life adventures have blessed my with calling Algoma my home region. A wonderful problem I’m having is I have no clue how to target brook trout and spake in smaller lakes in spring and summer any advice??

Posted on April 23rd, 2021

As you probably know Brook Trout and Splake are related and they share the same biology. Both Trout & Splake will be shallow in the spring time after ice out and they can be easily caught in lakes by simply casting to the shorelines with small crankbaits, spinner and spoons. Among these some of my favorite are the Count Down #4 in the trout color, their Ultralight Shad and Minnow series, Vibrax #2/3 spinner and the Lil’Cleo 1/4 oz spoon.

As the water temperatures get warmer both species will disperse in the open lake and the best way to locate them is by trolling the same lures out from the shore. Many anglers just troll with a small flasher (dodger) and about 24-36″ back a spinner & worm combination or a live or fresh-dead minnow. They key is to locate them in both seasons…God bless you.

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