Hello my good friend Italo, we were talking at the spring fishing show at the international centre about the wonderful fishery that is the Bay of quinte. I was wondering if you could recommend any lodges with housekeeping accommodations to stay at close to some of the prime fishing areas. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir and as always, God bless.

Posted on April 12th, 2015

Nice to have met you at the show. Depending when you decide to fish the Bay, it will determine where you should be fishing. For example, if you plan on being there for the opener, one of the best areas to fish is south of Forester Island around the first red channel marker and where the “submerged cable” sign is. That are is 20-35’deep and is excellent early in the season for “eater-walleye” dragging a bottom walking sinker along the bottom with a worm harness. Best place to stay is the http://www.cottagesincanada.com/bayofquinterectorycottage , right in Deseronto, ON (right across from boat launch & close to Desoronto Marina/boat rentals/fuel). If you are going later in the summer, best location to fish is Big Bay casting Rapala Tail Dancers #9 (hot-chub color), around the weeds in 5-12′ water. Best location to stay there is Baycrest Resort & Marina on Big Island. If you plan on fishing in the fall, best location is Adolphus Reach & Picton, ON Bay. Best presentation is either casting around the weeds with the Rapala Tail Dancer, or trolling for suspended walleye using the Rapala Tail Dancer #11 with or without in-line planer boards in 50-110′ water ( fish are suspended 15-20′ below the surface). Best location to stay there is Merland Cottages, Picton, ON.

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