Hello Maestro I am looking forward to seeing you again at the shows. When will you be releasing your seminar schedule for the Spoetsman and BPS shows? While watching today\’s show (fishing catfish on L. Eire tributaries) I was struck with the thought that there must be a population boom recently for channel cats due to the abundance of gobies. Has there been such a study? Is there a notible affect on the population like there was with smallmouth? Thanx and God bless Erik

Posted on March 1st, 2008

Hi Erik…Nice to hear from you. The schedule should be up this Wed. for the Bass Pro Shops Seminars. I have not heard anything yet for the Toronto Sportsman Show. Large channel catfish in the 10+ lb. range are pretty old fish. I don\’t think there are more of them, I just think that certain tributaries attract the larger, mature channel catfish. I am hoping that the MNR will put some regulations in place to protect the larger, older fish. With regards to their diet, I am sure channel catfish, as well as most predatory fish are eating their share of round-headed gobies. I have not heard of any surveys on their diet. Looking forward to seeing you, God bless you and your family…Italo

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