Hello Italo,With trout season about to open, my son and I are interested in a day fish outing. Where would you recommend within driving distance of the GTA and what presentation would you use?Thank you very much and God bless.Paul

Posted on April 12th, 2015

If you are targeting resident trout like brook trout & brown trout, the headwaters of the eastern Lake Ontario tributaries like the Wilmot Creek, Ganaraska River & Cold Creek are all good. If you are looking to hook steelhead, the Wilmot & Ganaraska tributaries will be excellent after opening form Hwy#2, all the way north to Taunton Rd. For the resident trout, 4 or 6 lb. test rigged with a small #12 hook and on or two split-shot sinkers about 20″ from the hook will work well. Best bait will be 3-4″ garden worms. Fish the worms anywhere the trout can hold under cover like; undercut banks, deeper pools, tree roots that are underwater and logs/log-jams in the water. You can also cast a Vibrax #1 spinner. For the steelhead best bait will be roe bags fished under a float in the deeper pools and runs, and casting the Luhr Jensen Kwikfish in sizes #5 & #7….God bless you, Italo

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