Hello ItaloWhen you pull crawler harnesses in the Dertoit River what size bottom bouncer do you use and what size rod do you use. Do you pull them going with the current or against the current like handlining. Last queation i have is do you have to use the trolling motor to slow you down( like back trolling). Thanks for the help and really learn alot from your show.

Posted on January 7th, 2018

Hi Wilson,  good questions. When I’m drifting with worm harnesses in the Detroit River I use a 1 -2 oz. bottom-walking sinker. I normally drift with the current along the structure/current breaks. I find it necessary to use my Motorguide electric to slow the drift or to move the boat left or right to stay at the right depth. I don’t “back-troll”. I fish from the font of the boat working the electric an keeping the bow of the boat facing the current. They key is to keep the weight gently “dragging” along the bottom keeping in touch with the bottom at least every 3-4 sec but not getting hung-up. It helps to have a direct line, straight down to the weight as you are drifting. If the line starts to have an angle up-stream, you have to speed-up with the electric and go into the current to allow the line to be vertical. If you go too far up-stream, or if the current slows down sometimes you have to speed-up and go with the current until the line is vertical….God bless yoju.

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