Hello Italo!I want to try surf fishing for steelhead this winter in Georgian Bay. Everything I read online suggests the same equipment and rig: long medium action rod with enough backbone to cast far, 10lbs mono main line to 6-8lbs leader with a sliding sinker rig and floating roe bag. I’ve seen a lot of people using that same rig so I guess it’s the best way to go.My question is what shoreline locations should I be hitting and what’s the best time of day / time of year / weather conditions to get out there? I’m in Thornbury ON so anything southern Georgian Bay is good. If you don’t have any specific locations in mind, what kind of shore should I be looking for?Thanks!-Alex

Posted on January 8th, 2020

Hi Alex, that is the best rig. Steelhead are already staging near all the Great Lakes tributary mouths. They will be there in higher numbers as we go into late Feb. March will be the best month. I suggest you fish within 500 yds of any of the mouths. Flat clear water conditions or light chop best. If it’s too rough water will be turbid and fishing tough. Early morning is best but if it’s overcast could be good all day long…God bless you.

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