Hello Italo,I use body baits for trolling for salmon. Do you find replacing treble hooks with singles on body baits alters the balance/action of the lure? And what size single hooks do you recommend? Thanks in advance. Brian Voisin

Posted on November 28th, 2021

Hi Brian, great question. I have often replaced treble hooks when using spoon for trolling and casting for salmon as well as body-baits and also on in-line spinners. I have had many trebles destroyed and lost salmon on the due to the aggressive head-shaking and rolling in the line.

I have not had any problem with the action being compromised by changing to single hooks. Though the standard single hook most anglers use is the Siwash, I have found that the “in-line” single is much more efficient. I normally use a 1x-3x strong single to ensure larger salmon won’t open the hook.

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