Hello Italo,I love fishing faster water streams and rivers while wading in and looking for pools. Of course, this means contending with potential rocks and snags.While drifting fishing below the dam in Buckhorn for Walleye this weekend, I went with 6 lb and 10 lb braided lines on both my rods/reels. I really like a lighter line to feel the fish biting and the walleye tend to be more subtle in how they go after and strike the bait. I also cannot stand just hauling the fish in, I like to at least give them a fighting chance and enjoy the fight they give with a lighter line.My questions are interrelated.Would you utilize a leader in this type of snag infested waters where rocks can cause abrasions? And, what type of leader can I use without giving up the feel of feeling fish biting? A leader that will give me abrasion resistance, protect against sharp teeth of walleye and rocks to prevent line breakage, while still maintaining my feel in the water to detect subtle hits?Also, if I were to increase the lb test of my braided line, would I also be giving up feeling the fish ?Thank you for your help.Les Lengyel

Posted on August 11th, 2019

Hi Les, sound like you have the fish “dialed-in” in the fast-water. You can continue to use just a main braided line or you could add a 14-20″ length of  12 lb. Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. The leader is stiff enough that it wont take away the feel from the braid.  I personally think you should use either 10 or 20 lb. braid as a main line. The best way to avoid getting hung-up on the bottom is to either fish minnow-imitating crankbaits that you can control the depth, or if you are jigging and using live bait, fish the lightest rigs you can so they won’t get stuck…God bless you.

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