Hello ItaloI live in ajax and am looking to take my friend pike fishing, i am experienced. Can you recomend anywhere that is from toronto harbour to oshawa, preferably along the southern area due to us using public transit. Can you suggest a few spots?, we tried frenchmans bay with limited sucess as there are alot of fisherman there. Is lynde shores good?Thanks

Posted on May 8th, 2019

Hi Jack, some of the best areas to fish pike right now is the mouths of the Lake Ontario tributaries that have marsh areas. This would include Lynde Creek, Oshawa Creek (south of Simcoe St. Oshawa), and especially in the marsh at Bowmanville Creek.  Some areas will be accessible from shore, but due to much private property it’s best to fish from a small boat, kayak or canoe. In my younger years I fished all those areas and more and my go to lures were a #3 Vibrax Spinner and Rapala…God bless you.

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