Hello Italoi have aquired many fishing spoons from a friend but they are for trolling.my boat doe s not have a downrigger because it is for small lakesmy quesion is how would i troll the spoon because it floats out of the water if its to fast

Posted on April 3rd, 2009

Hi Patryk…You have many options.  The simplest is to use a bead-chain, keel-weight ranging in size from 1/4 oz. – 3 oz. (depending on how deep you want to troll your spoons).  This weight should be tied “in-line” about 36-48″ up from your spoon.  Your other option is to use a diving-device that will take your lure down to a specific depth and when a fish hits, it dis-engages to allow you to fight the fish out without the additional drag.  The most popular diving devices are the www.luhrjensen.com , Dipsey Diver and the Pink Lady.  Both of these diving-devices come in different sizes for specific diving depths.  The Dipsey Diver can just take your lure down, or you can set it to take your lure down and away from the boat.  The Pink Lady is designed to just take your lure down to a specific depth.  You last option is to use either lead-core, stainless, or copper line especially designed to troll deeper with lighter spoons and lures.  The  , http://www.cortlandline.com/products/section.asp?id=230 ,company makes both stainless, lead-core and non-lead core sinking lines.  The Mason Tackle Company makes good quality copper trolling line….God bless you, Italo

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