Hello ItaloI fish the tributaries on lake o for suckers, mainly duffins creek. Im a seasoned sucker fisherman however am having trouble finding many fish as i am new to this particular river. Should i be looking more in the very north parts of the river, the mid sections, or south of highway 2, close to lake ontario? What area would you suggest?Also, how far up duffins would you expect suckers to travel to spawn?Just curious what there seasonal patterns are, i cant seem to pattern them. Thanks Italo

Posted on April 27th, 2020

Hi Ryan, I like sucker fishing too and enjoying them deep fried. I did a TV show catching them in a Lake Erie tributary and the. showing viewers the recipe right in the stream, https://youtu.be/WZz54y-VOHM .

Ok, regarding locating them in Duffin’s. Many of the suckers will be at the lower end in the deeper pools. Some will run up past Hwy.#401 and all the way up to almost Taunton Rd., but the majority will be below. Best location in just above Bailey St. in the larger pools. The other good locations that gets a big sucker run nearby is Lynde Creek, Whitby, ON. There should be lots north and south if Hwy.401 and around the railway bridge.

Later some will go back in the lake and others will stay in the deeper pools. By summer you will do well fishing some of the deeper pools upstream…God bless you.

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