Hello ItaloI am looking to head out on Saturday night for some nighttime Walleye shore Fishing. When I was a little boy, my neighbor used to take me to a place in Bobcaygeon or Buckhorn that was excellent at opening season. He has since passed away and I don’t know where that spot was even after countless hours searching…lol. Can you recommend a new shore spot at night for me to try so I can start a tradition with my little boy going for opening season Walleye.Hoping you can help, God Bless!!

Posted on May 5th, 2015


My guess is that he took you fishing below the old dam in Buckhorn, ON (seperated Upper/Lower Buckhorn). Back than you could fish that area and it was spectacular for walleye opener. Today all of the dam-sections are sanctuaries and open later to allow the walleye to spawn so it’s best to check the regulations before you head out. On of the best locations I can suggest is the Scugog River in Lindsay, ON. You can fish down-stream from the dam and there should still be lot’s of walleye there at night. It’s all a maintained, grass shoreline with walking paths and ideal to take a young person fishing. You can use live minnows on the bottom, or, as I used to do, cast and bottom-bounce 1/4 oz. marabou jigs, or jigs with a plastic grub like a TriggerX 3″ curly-tail.

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