Hello Italo,I am going fishing at Bark lake in Barrys Bay for walleye and pike season opener this weekend. I have never fished the lake this early in the year as I usually go up there in July and august and troll for Walleye in 16 to 20 feet with worm harnesses and crankbaits. This trip I hope to catch a Lake trout because I have never caught one before. Can you help me as to what depth and structure I can find Lake trout, Walleye, and Pike in and when baits work best? I have been watching your show with my dad since I was little because my dad played football with Henry for the Ticats back in the day. It has taught me so much about fishing, thank you for all the great lessons!All the best,Tyler Scholz

Posted on May 9th, 2021

Hi Tyler, glad you have been enjoying out TV shows for years and the they have helped you catch fish!

I have only fished Bark Lake, ON in the fall and the Walleye we caught were pretty deep using vertical jigging spoons in 40-50′ water. We caught quite a few Smallmouth Bass fishing humps and points in deeper water that came up to 18′ and also on the large flat at the north-end of the lake where all the stumps are.

Early in the year I would expect the Pike & Walleye to be shallower. I would target the north-end of the lake either casting crankbaits or fishing jigs/plastic grubs in-between all those stumps.

I caught Lake Trout trolling with wire line along the 40-70′ drop-off in the deepest part of the lake and also south, just up from the dam. I have a feeling that if you flat-line troll with a Rapala (J13 or Trolls to 20′) along that 30-50′ break you should hook into some. I know Bark Lake has some pretty big Lake Trout. Hope you have a good trip and that you continue to enjoy both our Here’s the Catch! and Canadian Sportfishing TV series…God bless you.

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