Hello ItaloI am a big fan of your program and diehard fishing enthusiast. If I could fish all day, everyday, I would, unfortunately, that is not the case. In a nutshell, I am a 20 year Cancer survivor and am now slowly losing my sight. My question is, do you ever sell any of your used rods? I ear you speak highly of your Rapala Concept spinning and baitcater setups. It is impossible for me to get out and shop for gear thanks to my vision problems and I would love to have a couple of good setups to continue fishing. You see, even if I can’t see too well there’s nothing better than the feel of the bite. I still manage to get out fishing with my sister at her place on Lake Seymour on the Trent just south of Havelock. It’s a long way to go as I live in Leamington, but my wife has no problem driving the distance. If you should consider selling a couple of your setups I would be more than appreciative. If not could you point me in the right direction. Trusting this email finds you all well.

Posted on February 17th, 2017

Hi Ken, sorry to hear of your ailment. I have fond memories of fishing Seymour Lake for largemouth bass  and pike, it has an excellent fishery. The Rapala Concept Ti are the top  of the line rods with true “nano-technology”. They are extremely light, very sensitive and also strong.


I have very few Concept Ti outfits and hold on to them. I would however encourage to contact Mark Van Beek at Normark Canada in Oshawa at (905) 571-3001 and he should be able to tell you where you can purchase them near you.

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