Hello Italo! Mike again!I was looking on my avorite web site Cabela\’s, and I was looking at crankbais, and some are between 3.00$ and 12.99$. But there are others like Lucky craft and Spro that are 35.00$ and 30.00$! What I would like to know is which is better, the 35.00$ or the 2.99$? I know that one might be made with better materials and mayor may not last longer? But it seems like a lot of money to lose on a snag! Thank you for the time and God Bless!

Posted on January 11th, 2008

Hi Mike…As you probably know I use a lot of Rapala and Storm crankbaits and they produce many fish for me. Most anglers would say that it\’s not too important to them how expensive a lure is, but whether that lure is producing fish or not. The specific action and performance and whether it produces fish is the key. I have not heard of anyone catching fish on either the Lucky Craft or the Spro line. I guess that speaks for itself….God bless you too, Italo

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