Hello Italo, Looking to go pickeral fishing with a friend who has never caught one …please, if you can make our trip more successful please advise a location for high success. we are planning on going camping august 16, 2008 southern to northern ontario . fishing from shore or baot is available too thank-you in advance, River

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi River…I would encourage you to fish the Bay of Quinte (Big Bay). It\’s easy fishing, just casting crankbaits (Rapala Tail Dancer #9 in the hot-chub color), around any open-water weedbeds/weedlines. Average walleye is 2-3 lb. with 4-10 lb. walleye caught everyday. You can check-out Baycrest Resort on Big Island for camping and boat rentals if you need them at, http://holidayjunction.com/property/canada/ontario/baycrest_lodge_marina_lodge_and_cottages …God bless you, Italo

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