Hello Italo, Last year my son put a can of muskol insect repelant into my tackle box and stored it for the winter . this spring when i opened up the box it stank like muskol .is it all ruined? can it be cleaned ?and where can i get information on keeping tacle clean and un-contaminated?

Posted on July 19th, 2008

Hi Eddie…Sorry about the fume-spill in your tackle box. I don\’t know how you can remove the “oil” fumes that has been absorbed by your tackle, perhaps if you let everything air-out it may decrease. Keeping tackle clean and un-contaminated is pretty common sense. Here\’s a few simple rules to ensure your tackle remains in good working condition and free of rust, fumes, or melt-downs:
-always keep tackle in specific categories (wooden-lures together in same satchel, plastic grubs in separate satchel, metal spoons/spinners in separate satchel, etc.). This will ensure different materials won\’t re-act with one another.
-if your tackle/box gets wet from rain/falling in the water, as soon as the fishing trip is over, empty all of the contents on a towel and make sure everything is dried off quickly before replacing back in your tackle box.
-never store anything oily/toxic in your tackle box (container of outboard motor oil, insect repellent, sun tan lotion, etc.)
-never store your tackle, rods/reels, line in an area that contains oily/toxic items (like in a tool shed where you keep your lawn mower, weed-wacker, gas cans, oil, etc.).
-never store your tackle, rods/reels, line in an area where they will remain in constant contact with the sun\’s harmful rays (back-dash of your car, leaning against the house exposed, etc.).

Taking these common sense precautions will ensure your tackle remains in good working condition for many years….God bless you, Italo

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