Hello Italo LabignanI live in ajax, i mostly fish bass but i am craving doing some float/ bottom fishing with bait for big fish that take a while to land and pull lots of drag. Im fine with any fish as long as they have a nice fight. Could you recommend a spot, fish type and rig within 1-2 hours of ajax, one where i would have the best chance of catching numbers. Channel catfish would be fun but i am open to anything. Happy Labor Day!

Posted on September 2nd, 2018

Best time to target Channel catfish is in the spring up to June. Now is not the best time. You are better off targeting Chinook salmon by either fishing off the piers like the mouth of the Credit River & Bronte Creek, Bowmanville Creek or Ganaraska River, or fishing those rivers after the next rain when there will be more salmon running up. If you fish off the piers you can cast lures, drift-fish a float with a roe bag, or fish on the bottom with a floating roe bag. If you fish the tributaries you can drift flies, artificial salmon eggs or roe bags with or without a float. Timing is everything and the best timing is fishing the tributaries as the water is clearing up after a heavy rain.

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