Hello Italo, is 15 lb power pro spectra braided line a good choice (better than mono) to use as a mainline on my float rod (rated 8-12lb mono), when float fishing for chinook salmon, steelhead, and migratory brown trout here in Southern Ontario?Thanks, Ibrahim

Posted on March 4th, 2017

Hi Ibrahim, I don’t think using any braid is good for steelhead drift-fishing.  Let me explain why. Firstly the braid has no stretch which is not desirable when you are dealing with a hard-fighting, head-shaking, jumping steelhead that is tearing line out and possibly heading to obstructions in the tributary, line stretch and a flexible rod is an asset. Secondly, braid picks up more water than mono as it travels through the water (microscopic irregular surface of braid), this means wetter hands and more water on your line when it’s on the reel before making the next cast which is not desirable. Also in sub-zero conditions, faster and harder ice build up in tip and first few guides. It’s best to use a low diameter, softer monofilament line that has neutral or floating properties (you don’t want to use a line that sinks since it will not help to make a natural drift, mending the line will be more necessary). I use the Sufix Seige monofilament in 8 lb. test and it performs very well as my main line.

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