Hello Italo! I love to fish brook trout! Where I live in New-Brunswick, the Chockpish river run about 50 yards behind my house! Some parts are nice and wide, while others are a lot narower and have some over hangning limbs. My question is, what kind of spinners or small carnkbaits can I use? I have tried to fly fish, I have practiced and practiced, I can manage when there is wide open spaces, but when it comes to close quarters, well I spend most time in tree tops looking for my flies! I\’ve triewd roll casts,but I guess I\’m a better spin fisherman than fly flisherman! I have had wonderfull luck with panther martin spinners.This spring on opening day I hooked a 17 3/4\”, sea run brooky, the Chockpish empties in the Nothumberland strait! But it seems that after a while they get used to the spinners! Is there a way that I can use my lite spinning tackel with flies? Do you have any sugestions? Thank you for your time! Mike Melanson.

Posted on November 24th, 2007

Hi Mike…I love to fish brook trout too. Congratulations on your trophy 17 3/4″ trout. The top spinners you can use are the Blue Fox Flash Spinner, http://bluefox.com/products/flash_spinners.php in size #2, and the Vibrax spinners, http://bluefox.com/products/classic_vibrax.php , in size #1. The Panther Martin spinners, http://www.panthermartin.com/lures/Spinners/Fly.aspx ,in sizes #2 & #2. Cranbaits would include the Rapala Countdown models in the smaller sizes (CD1 & CD3), and the Storm Minnowstick MS04 (1 1/2″ size). You can use your light spinning outfit with flies, but you will need to use a “slip-bobber” rig & split shot sinkers to fish wet flies, nymphs and streamers. When you know the depth of the river stretches you will be fishing, pre-set your slip-bobber to that depth. Add enough split-shot sinkers so that the bobber is floating at it\’s equator. Use at least a 1-2\’ leadere between the lowest sinker and your fly. You should get a very good presentation for the above. I use it regularly fishing for migratory rainbow & brown trout in the Great Lakes tributaries…God bless you, Italo

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