Hello Italo, i hope you are well during the current pandemic. As there is not muc else to do, i have decided i want to try and catch a channel catfish, as its the only species i have yet to catch in southern ontario. When is the best time frame? Hopefully i havent missed it. Can you give me the basics on technique and maybe a few spots to try along the grand river?To my understanding the grand river is the best option that is semi close to toronto?Thanks alot Italo

Posted on April 20th, 2021

Nice to hear from you. We are all doing fine, thanks for asking. The Grand River, ON is definitely one of the most reliable locations to catch Channel Catfish and the best time is right now when they move in to spawn next month. My favorite stretch is below the Dunnville Dam. You can fish the 20′ hole right at the dam but I prefer to either fish on the other side of Grand Island where the flow is less or out from FishMasters marina on the 7′ flat. The best time to go for them is at night but you can catch them throughout the day. Bests bait to use right now is fresh white sucker chunks fished on a #2 baitholder hook with a sliding-sinker rig. An egg sinker in the 1/2 oz. or 3/4 oz. size should be fine for keeping your bait on the bottom. You can use your regular spinning or baitcasting outfit…God bless you.

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