Hello Italo! I am trying to get set up for primarily trolling for walleye on Lake Erie with inline planer boards and an occasional Northern Pike trip where most fish caught are less than 30″. I would like to know what you would recommend for the an all around line and which weight I could use for both? Thank you so much.

Posted on January 19th, 2017

For trolling warm-water fish I prefer to use a braided line like Sufix 832. For intermediate size fish the 30 lb. test (8 lb. monofilament diameter) will work well. Braid has a much thinner diameter than mono and allows a lure to get down to the right diving depth fast.


Also, because it has no stretch, even if you have a long-line out, you still get a good hook-set. Only down-side is that if you use it with in-line boards it’s so slippery that you may have to do one wrap around the release in addition to just clipping the line on the release….God bless you.

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