Hello Italo I am looking to target Lake Erie this coming season for some smallies but I’m not to familiar with this lake. I live in the Hamilton area so I’m not to far away. We had a family cottage for a lot of years but have recently sold it so looking for some help on where I could go and have some fun catching some of Lake Erie’s monster bronze backs.. thank youSean

Posted on March 30th, 2019

Hi Sean, early in the bass season you can catch smallmouth bass anywhere in Lake Erie off the shorelines are 10-20′ deep with scattered boulders and sand. As the summer progresses and algae starts to grow on the shallower rocks it’s best to venture out to 20-40′ humps and reefs. One of the top spots is Tecumseh Reef on the west-side of Port Maitland. You can also catch them all season long at the mouth of the Niagara River going out into the lake on the Canadian side. Most anglers will either drift with 4″ tubes or fish worms and minnows along the bottom. Trolling for them also works well and casting jigs, spinners, twitch-baits, top-water lures and crankbaits…God bless you.

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