Hello Italo, How do you know and go about matching fishing line, rod/reel, and lures? Also what is a good line and rod/reel for multi species shore fishing? Thank you.

Posted on June 24th, 2018

Hi Luis, here are my rules for matching fishing lines to reels and fish species. If I am fishing for trout/salmon I use a monofilament line that has stretch. If I am fishing for artificial lures for bass, walleye, pike, musky I use a braided line like the Sufix 832. The braided line casts farther, has no stretch and is ideal to get the best hook sets when using artificial lures. Monofilament lines are best for “finesse” fishing where you want to use a clear line and one that stretches if you hook fish like trout & salmon that fight erratically often jumping out of the water and rolling in the line. For all-round bait/lure, multi-species fishing I would suggest you use 8-10 lb test monofilament line…God bless you.

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