hello italo hope your winter in florida was good my question is since we have no ice on erie this year we are planning to fish quinte this weekend out of pointe anne but we are unsure how much ice they have with the cold snap this week we are hoping it will firm up do you have any info on the current conditions down there thanks mike

Posted on February 11th, 2016

Hi Mike, Florida was great, can’t wait to go back in April.  I got the last update on the Bay conditions and fishing last Sat. while we still had the mild-spell.

20160225 icewalleye

Last week there was lot’s of open water and most parts of the Bay were dangerous to access. I would not advise to head out from Pointe Anne. A good friend of mine was fishing the “quiet” water on the south-side of Big Bay accessing it from Horse Pt. and walking east to 18′  water. There was about 5″ of safe ice there. Ice conditions should be better now and improving with the cold temps that have moved in. The bite was early & late, about a 1-2 hr window, mostly smaller fish with a few over 5lb. Stay safe and hope you get a bunch of fish!

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