Hello Italo,, Hope you and you wife had a great summer fishing. Has Canadian Sport Fishing show any new episode of fishing. What time does it air now.I am planning to do some perch fishing along the shores of Lake Simoce, can you point me to some good areas to try. As well what times are the best.

Posted on November 9th, 2016

Hi Fisher Girl, the most current Canadian Sportfishing episodes are repeating on WFN until  April 2017. The new series will start on WFN starting Feb. 17, 2017. We are airing new episodes also on YES-TV weekly. I would encourage you to check our TV schedule on our home-page (just click on the TV station/Network logos).


A reliable area to catch tasty jumbo perch in 20-25′ of water using small, live minnows on a pickerel rig near the bottom is fishing out from Pefferlaw, ON out  form the mouth of the Pefferlaw River. You will know where to fish by seeing other boats fishing the spot. Shore fishing for them can be tough now since many of them are schooled-up in deeper water. As temperatures drop, they will come shallower, but there are very limited areas to fish from shore. One is fishing off the pier at Jackson Point and fishing the rock break-wall at Virginia Beach…God bless you.

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