Hello Italo, happy holidays and new year, Just wanted to ask years ago you fished for Arctic char, I see that photo of you and the amazingly colored fish, could please tell where you fished for them and what time of year it you were fishing them.This could be a future trip for me.Thanks Chris

Posted on December 27th, 2016

Hi Christopher, happy holidays and and excellent New Year to you and your family as well. To catch trophy Arctic Char you have to fish the rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. The top one for producing world record char in the 30 lb. range is the Tree River Camp operated by Plummer’s Lodges.


You can catch trophy char in other Arctic tributaries from the Nortwest Territories to Ungava Bay in northern Quebec. Arctic Adventures has amazing Arctic Char fishing at their Payne Bay Camp. Char usually run up the rivers in mid to late summer and they turn darker the longer they are in the river. At Payne Bay, Quebec, you can catch them while they are silver right in saltwater, or as they turn dark in the Payne River…God bless you.

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