Hello Italo! Fishing season opens on the April 15,here in New-Brunswick! This winter, the amount of snow that fell was a lot more than the past years! The run off wil be stronger and the water color will be a lot murkyer,and the flow will be a lot stronger in the Chokpish river! Do you have any tips for brooke trout fishing in these conditions? The average water depth ranges from 1\’ to 5\’,also the river empties in the Northumberland strait, the width ranges from about 150 yds, to about 15\’.Looking forward toyour answer! Thank you for your time,and for sharing you fishing knowlage! God bless!

Posted on April 10th, 2008

Hi Mike…I have always found it tough fishing for brook trout when water levels are colder and higher than normal. If the flow is higher and stronger, I suggest you fish some of the smaller runs that you may not normally fish if the water levels were normal. Also, try and fish pools/runs that are smaller where you can cover the water more effectively than larger areas where the fish will probably be dispersed over a larger area. You may also need to modify your presentation to get your lures/bait down to where the fish are in the stronger flows…God bless you and your family also, Italo

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