Hello. I\’m new to trolling and have been trying a dipsy diver rod. I fish for salmon and lake trout in New Hampshire. It seems like those divers might spook a fish? What colors would you recommend for these species? Also, should I use a snubber, and if so, what length/color? Thank you!

Posted on May 5th, 2008

Hi Erik….We have good succes using Dipsey Divers with monofilament & wire lines in clear water as shallow as 30\’ throughout the season. The Divers should actually attract the fish instead of spooking them. If you think they are being spooked, you could go to in-line planer boards, long leads and either use weights, Jet DIvers or steel/wire line to get down. When we fish salmon & trout we normally use attractor colors on the Dipseys. These include yellow, chartreuse, orange and mixed combinations of the above. Yes, you should use a snubber to prevent larger fish from breaking the leader or the hooks pulling-out when they strike. The average snubber I use is 12″ long. If you would like to read some additional questions & answers that I have responded to specifically regarding deep-water trolling techniques, I would encourage you to go to our Ask Italo home-page and go to the “view” bar. When you click on it a heading-menu will pop-up. Click on “trolling” and “submit”, and you can go thorugh the various questions & answers….God bless you, Italo

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