Hello. I just bought a Rapala magnum downrigger rod and RSC30LC combo (8\’) to try lead core (12#) trolling for lake trout and walleye. This will be a first lead core experience for me and the sales person insisted that the downrigger rod was too soft for lead core and recommended a heavier/stiffer trolling outfit. I hate to winch fish in with a heavy rod and much prefer a fairer fight but if the outfit is all wrong for leadcore, I will regretfully return it for a heavier outfit. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted on June 13th, 2008

Hi Willie….Congratulations, you have purchased an excellent deep-water trolling outfit!  The rod will work, but it is on the “whippy-side” (really designed for downrigging and not for use with lead-core line).  I would encourage you to do two things; firstly, exchange that rod for a Rapala 8\’ 6″ Dipsey/wire-line ( http://www.rapala.ca/products/rapala/magnum.php ), or a RSC 8\’ 6″ Roller/wire-line special/Dipsey roller rod ( http://www.rapala.ca/products/rapala/rsc.php ), or a Rapala wire-rod that has normal guides and a spring tip.  I prefer the roller-guide rod.  It is very light and has excellent action with steel or leadcore.  Secondly, I would suggest you try fishing a Mason, coated-copper line instead of the lead-core.  The copper line is stronger, coated it is smoother, and it will have a faster sink-rate than lead-core.  Lastly, all metal lines are heavy (that\’s why we use them, to get us down to the fish without using additional weights or diving devices), and when you have 30-80 yds. of line out, they will sink down and create a lot of drag, especially when you hoook a fish.  Most people use these lines to catch the fish efficiently when other rigs don\’t work and they are not interested in necessarily getting the most from their fish fight.  If that is your goal, than you are better off using braided line in conjunction with a lighter rod (like the downrigger rod), a counter reel, and keel-sinkers from 1/2 – 3 oz. to get your rig down…God bless you, Italo

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