goodmorning how are you?i find myself looking forward to spring more than ever had lots of time to shop online like many i think! just a quick question in general with so many bait,lures plastics,hardbait on the market and types of fishing and styles like ned,wacky,swimbaits which do you use and when or what do you start your year with and use during the season ,tiny plastics and use bigger threw the season ?or can i count more on hardbaits in spring and plastics in summer?,i fish from shore mainly around montreal qc(mostly river fishing)bass,drum,walleye, and shad in spring,,, so basically any northern species i enjoy alot, like always thks for your time stay safe

Posted on February 15th, 2021

Hi Adrian, Many anglers are “fished” in buying as many lures as they see.

I fish pretty simple and go by 4-rules:

-early in the season when water is colder and fish are less active I use slower moving lures both in hard-body baits and soft-plastics.

-as water temps warm up I fish faster lures like spoons, body-baits, spinnerbaits, etc.

-if I think fish are feeding I use natural colored lures that look and swim like their food.

-if I thin fish are not feeding then I try and make them strike using erratic swimming lures, bright unnatural colors and lures with rattles.

Fish with a Passion

God bless you,


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